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Ethos Urban Sector Hot Spots explained

It was an eventful year in 2020 (to say the least!). Working with our data partners at Ethos Urban, we were interested to understand which locations, if any may have increased investment activity in the past 12 months.

Available in the Insights module, the Sector Hot Spots have been ingeniously constructed by Ethos Urban to highlight sector-based movements above the 5-year trend. The analysis is based on the latest ABS data (released September Quarter, 2020). It will be really interesting to compare this data in 6 months’ time as we move to new property market conditions.

Search Commercial thank our partners at Ethos Urban and look forward to future data releases which have the potential to unlock opportunities for our subscribers.

Ethos Urban is a national consultancy with trusted experts in advisory, design and approvals. Their collective intelligence provides a unique, end-to-end insight throughout the urban development project lifecycle. Visit their website to learn more: https://ethosurban.com/

Search Commercial, Ethos Urban sector hot spots explained

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