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Latest market insight – Ethos Urban’s Aged Care Opportunity Index 2020

Search Commercial is pleased to announce its latest market insight – Ethos Urban’s Aged Care Opportunity Index 2020.

Available exclusively to Search Commercial subscribers, this index presents a high-level overview of the potential for new or expanded aged care facilities at a local area level, nationally. The analysis is based on a range of data sources including ABS, Department of Health data and analysis undertaken by the experienced economists at Ethos Urban.

Nick Brisbane, Director, Economics at Ethos Urban describes the index as an indication of the level of opportunity in 2020 at SA2 level only. It is a useful tool that can be used in the initial phases of site selection or due diligence. He notes that it does not take into account forecast population and ageing, or approved/proposed developments. For this level of analysis, he recommends a market assessment which considers numerous factors not considered in the Ethos Urban Aged Care Opportunity Index 2020. These include specific catchments, population forecasts by age, demographic profile, and existing and approved competition.

Search Commercial thank our partners at Ethos Urban and look forward to future data releases which have the potential to unlock opportunities for this sector.
Ethos Urban is a national consultancy with trusted experts in advisory, design and approvals. Their collective intelligence provides a unique, end-to-end insight throughout the urban development project lifecycle. Visit their website to learn more: https://ethosurban.com/

Search Commercial, Aged Care Opportunity index 2020

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