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PropTech Technology in a future of smart cities

In recent research by Unissu, we can see that there is still a lot to be done in terms of educating the marketplace (particularly the more traditional in-ward facing property businesses) as to the power and scalability new technology can bring to their business.

They note that sometimes businesses are too fixated on the cost of integration and deployment of new technology across their business and, whilst of course important to consider, they need to think more about what the cost could be if they don’t push forward and provide customers with a faster and slicker experience more specifically tailored to their needs.

Certainly as Australia makes strides towards the development of smart cities, the uptake of PropTech will be necessary to deliver smart infrastructure and functionality that will allow the country to be seen as a major technology and global business hub which attracts top talent and international investment.

All signs point to Australia having a very strong PropTech ecosystem with bigger investments and technology integrations to come.

Search Commercial, Proptech technology in a future of smart cities

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