More open data to level the playing field in Commercial real estate

Search Commercial, More open data to level the playing field in commercial real estate

Digital tools are likely to reduce speculation over time. Data traditionally not available to many developers, such as traffic information from GPS, can identify hyperlocal trends that show how an area is changing. Whilst Searchcommercial work tirelessly to bring this data to our clients, more new sources continue to emerge.  These will assist developers to make […]

PropTech Technology in a future of smart cities

Search Commercial, Proptech technology in a future of smart cities

In recent research by Unissu, we can see that there is still a lot to be done in terms of educating the marketplace (particularly the more traditional in-ward facing property businesses) as to the power and scalability new technology can bring to their business. They note that sometimes businesses are too fixated on the cost […]

Searchcommercial chooses local first

Search Commercial, Choses local first

We are excited to announce our recent integration partnerships with locally-based Pricefinder & Domain, and PSMA. After months of testing and review, we can certainly confirm that Australia is leading the way in the world of data and analytics. Let me show you why… Pricefinder collects property data from multiple sources so you don’t have to, […]

Developers to benefit from Big Data

Search Commercial, Developers to benefit from big data

Historically, real estate has lagged behind other industries in embracing innovation. However, a big shift is happening in this industry, with investments in real estate tech rising. This from McKinsey & Company couldn’t be worded better! “Let’s say you are a developer who wants to identify underused but high-value parcels zoned for development. Data sources […]

Latest market insight – Ethos Urban’s Aged Care Opportunity Index 2020

Search Commercial, Aged Care Opportunity index 2020

Search Commercial is pleased to announce its latest market insight – Ethos Urban’s Aged Care Opportunity Index 2020. Available exclusively to Search Commercial subscribers, this index presents a high-level overview of the potential for new or expanded aged care facilities at a local area level, nationally. The analysis is based on a range of data […]

Ethos Urban Sector Hot Spots explained

Search Commercial, Ethos Urban sector hot spots explained

It was an eventful year in 2020 (to say the least!). Working with our data partners at Ethos Urban, we were interested to understand which locations, if any may have increased investment activity in the past 12 months. Available in the Insights module, the Sector Hot Spots have been ingeniously constructed by Ethos Urban to […]

Think Economics Residential Covid-19 Index explained

Search Commercial, Commercial property resilience index

We know residential markets can vary dramatically across the country in terms of buyer and renter profiles, demography, housing types and demand drivers. So, does this mean some markets will be inherently more resilient to COVID-19 shocks than others? The experienced economists at Think Economics have been assessing markets in terms of migration patterns, rental […]

The drive-time tool explained

Search Commercial, The drive time tool explained

Drive Time Analysis is a feature designed to help you understand the accessibility to a particular location. You can use it to visualize coverage areas or catchments in terms of travel times. The drive time buffers (the shaded areas on the map) are created from a starting or centre point and you can be set […]

Measure sites and distances

Search Commercial, Measure sites and distances

The measuring tool (bottom left of the screen) allows you to measure distances and area. We also provide coordinates for our more mapping savvy users. It can be used at a site level or even to check the distance between towns.

Market Finder Tool 101: How to find the best locations

Search Commercial, How to find the best locations

Narrow your search by using our dynamic market finder tool to help you pinpoint the right location and even expand into new states and territories across Australia. This is a tool popular with marketers. It allows you to search areas based on multiple criteria at once. For example: young and renting or families and growing. […]